Muggshotz Caricatures
Pet Caricatures

Pet Caricatures can be as fun as ones of people. Plus they don't complain about their double chin!

Give us your favorite clear front/side facing photo of your pet, and we'll give you a fun and memorable Muggshotz Caricature.

Gone but not Forgotten

Gone but no ForgottenOur pets have a special place in our hearts. Get a caricature of your beloved family pet.

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From this (Misty)

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To This (Misty Caricature)

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It's fast and easy to order your Muggshotz color caricature of your beloved pet.
Starting at $20.

To get started:

  1. Enter your detailed information below and click "Place Order".
  2. Upload photo(s) of your pet. (Instructions for uploading will be sent to your email as well.)
  3. Your Muggshotz caricature will be sent to you by email.
After placing your order you will be taken to my upload photo page.